Functional Screening & Prehab Training
Module Prehab

In the module Prehab, meaningful tests for a conclusive and feasible preventive screening are presented, practised and discussed. Particular focus is placed on the PREHAB SCREEN® system developed by OSINSTITUT. After the module Prehab, you will be able to use different tests and screening tools in a targeted way, interpret the results and draw the appropriate training-therapeutic consequences (PREHAB exercises). You are now optimally prepared to adequately plan and control a preventive training.

Seminar content: 

Functional Screening

  • Definition of basic terminology: screening, measurement, testing, assessment prevention: analysis and assessment of posture and movement
  • Elements of pre-injury and risk screening 
  • Critical discussion of the predictive value of individual tests
  • Presentation and implementation of a screening system (PREHAB SCREEN®)

Prehab Training

  •  Functional Training: definition, when to use it, limitations
  • coaching strategies
  • PREHAB exercises and functional exercises 
  • How to design a preventive training plan

Target groups:

Physiotherapists, sports scientists, doctors, sports teachers and licensed trainers.

Included services:

  • Detailed seminar script with exemplary exercise catalogue
  • Certificate of participation
  • Interactive live seminar
  • supervised work assignments
  • digital practice units 


After completing the module Prehab, you will receive a seminar certificate in the form of a certificate: It contains information on the type, content and duration of the further training. The certificate is a prerequisite for taking the final examination to become an OSCOACH.


  • Computer/mobile device with internet access
  • Loudspeaker and microphone or headset
  • The zoom application, which can be downloaded from or used as a web application at

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